PHYLLISSIA ROSS: « It does feel good to express myself as a sexy young lady! »


Phyllisia Ross is one of our big and good surprise of the end of last year. We discovered in a wonderful video a singer and a beautiful zouk song in creole and english. An addictive mélody which quickly became a hit in few months. Let’s discover one of the prettiest R&B voices of her generation who swapped Ne-Yo and Jah Cure for Mikael Benjamin and Marvin, what is good for us! Gifted Guitar and Piano player, she also has an amazing vocal organ and doesn’t hesitate to get wet in the blue waters of Haiti to warm up a little bit more the atmosphere of her vidéo « Kon Sa »… An artist to follow…

– Hello Phylissia, people from West Indies are discovering your voice since a few weeks with the title « Kon sa » but you have a longer career, could you tell us what Phylissia Ross did before?
Phylissia Ross: I have been working in the music industry professionally for years. I have done music of multiple genres (r&b, reggae, hiphop,pop) had some great collaborations with Jah Cure (Call on Me, Unconditional Love) Neyo (Sunshine) Flo Rida, and got to travel to places like Jamaica, France, and many of the cities in the US to perform. During that time I was also in school obtaining my Biology degree from University of Miami. Now that that has all past I am really focused on creating and enjoying all the different styles of music and culture there is in the world!

– You are playing piano since you were 3 years old, and singing since 5, did you tought about a musical career?
PR: Music is my life’s work. I started becoming a student of music before i could read or write and since then I have never questioned music’s place in my life. I am completely sure that this is my calling.

– What is your best career memory? The record deal? Singing national anthem in the Miami Heat stadium?
PR: I must say that shooting a music video in the mountains and beaches of Haiti for KONSA was one of my most amazing career memories. What beautiful and inspirational scenery. I feel so aesthetically satisfied every time I look at the KONSA video.

– Did you still live in Miami?
PR: I am currently living in NY but frequent Florida so much you could say I still live there too.

– You worked with Ne-Yo, Flo-Rida and Jah Cure, it was a big experience!
PR: I am definitley humbled by getting to work with amazing artists on all the duos in my career thus far. There is something really special to me about singing a duet with a male artist, it really keeps the romance alive for me in music.

– However, how did you decide to sing in creole, your mum’s language?
PR: I wrote « Lunion Fait la Force » as an inspirational message to all those effected by the 2010 Haiti earthquake. It was so well received, I teamed up with the Lux family and we have been continued down that path. I am so grateful to incorporate my heritage in my music.

– Your new song « Kon sa » were written with Mikaben, how do you met each other?
PR: Since the Lux family is so well connected with the best artists in Haiti, they connected me with Mika knowing that we would be able to come up with something. Mika is a great writer, it was an easy task to complete.

– Could you tell us what « Konsa » represent for you?
Konsa for me represents great balance. I love the blending of different musical genres in the piece (r&b, zouk, world music vibe), the acoustic elements in the production (live instruments), the simplicity yet depth of the words in the song, the small team that was able to accomplish SO much in making the song and video come to life. I just feel like if I can combine all these elements in the same way for my future works, I will be in good shape.

– The video was shot in Haiti?
Yes! We wanted to showcase Haiti through Konsa, the words, the musical elements, the country, the liquor, tourism. People need to be exposed to the beautiful beaches and scenery of Haiti!

– You seems very close from Haitian people?
PR: I was raised by my Mother and Grandmother who came from Haiti to have me. Growing up i was exposed to the food, language, was raised with the values and morals that my two Haitian women figures wanted me to have. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without the experience of growing up as a Haitian-American and do feel so close to the country and people.

– Kon sa were released in may 2014 and now the song is a huge hit in France and French West Indies, are you happy for that? Did you already come in Martinique or Guadeloupe?
PR: I haven’t gotten to come to Martinique as of yet, will be my first time in 2015! I have performed in Guadeloupe with Jah Cure in the past and performed at the Indies Live Music Awards in Gwada in Nov 2014. I can’t wait to visit these countries this year and experience the music, beach and FOOD!

– Obviously, we saw that you are in good shape in this vidéo. Do you assume the sexy side of your character?
PR: I definitely use my music as an outlet to expose my sexy character. I wouldn’t say that I am the persona exemplified in my videos all the time, but it does feel good to let lose and express myself as a sexy young lady. As long as it is done in good tastes, it is all good to me!


– Is it difficult to keep a perfect body? Could you give the ladies some advices?
PR: My body is FAR from perfect, but it is all about accentuating your better parts and hiding your more imperfect ones. My body shape is pretty much inherited from my Mom but to stay down in weight if I am eating like crazy, running outside 3-5miles is the best thing for me.

– You are huge fan of Sade! Why this love for her Music?
I just love the combination of all the facets of Sade’s brand. Her music, her sex appeal, her song lyrics, her videos. It is all so natural and simple yet so powerful. That is ideal for what I would like to do in my career.

– We know, watching you youtube channel that you are also found of r’n’b music, you played a lot of title from Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Toni Braxton… Are they models to you?
PR: Absolutely. Especially vocalists that play instruments, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Carole King, etc are huge inspiration to me. I always seek out musicians I can relate to for inspiration. I guess in life we are meant to be students and teachers, I am now at the point where I am meant to be a role model but still have SO much to learn. Thank God for those who have paved the way for me to pursue my dreams.

– Marvin just released a wonderful song with you, « Ma vie sans toi », what the story of this duet?
PR: Ma Vie Sans Toi project was one of the simplest, quickest, easiest projects of my career. Marvin flew into NY for 3 days just to write, on day 2 we had a song finished, he extended his trip, day 4 we had a music video shot. Month and a half later we release the song and it has been a hit. Cant ask for a better scenario then that.

– Do you hear Zouk music, do you know some singers?
Now that I am getting heavier into the scene I have been exposed to a bunch of zouk music, and have been getting the pleasure to meet and work with them. New to older artists there are some great musicians on this scene. I hope to get some work in the future in with Marvin, Stony, Nelson Frietas, Fanny J, Alan Cave, Arly Lariviere, Kaysha, Saïk, Kassav to name a few.

– What will be you next surprise for the fans?
I totally am going with what feels good and right for me at this time in my career. I am an artists that TOTALLY embraces world music and want to dip into every artistic avenue that is available to me. Just always be ready for the unexpected 🙂

You can find Phyllissia Ross’ « Kon Sa » on the CD LES TUBES DU ZOUK 2015

Phyllissia Ross on the Web


Tweeter : @PhyllissiaRoss

YouTube: Phyllisia Ross

Instagram: @phyllissiaross


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